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Frederick, 2009, 6×6″, Acrylic on Canvas

Standard Portraits

For a standard portrait, like Frederick above, The price for a standard cat-sized 6×6″ or 6×8″ custom portrait is $120 (U.S.). I add $8 for shipping in the U.S.A. If you don’t live within the U.S.A. shipping will be adjusted to suit. To order, use this button (you can adjust quantities at checkout if ordering more than one portrait):


Medium Portraits

The price for a medium 10×10″ and sizes in that range (example and example) are set at $200 plus shipping, for a second subject in the portrait, add $100. To order a medium portrait, use the button here:

How many subjects in portrait?


Larger Portraits

Custom sizes and large sizes available upon request. Contact me here to work out pricing and details.

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